Metzco Rope Ladder Manufacturer Certificate

Safety Certificates

Every Metzco Rope Ladder comes with a 18/5 OSHACT D.M.R. 18 Safety Certificate, this is individually generated to match up with a personalized Serial Number on each and every Metzco Rope Ladder that we manufacture.

Assuring you that all our Rope Ladders are safe to use and are of the highest quality.

Associated with safety of ladders is safety of home or business or farm, so for many customers who need a rope ladder, they would appreciate some pertinent advice on all safety and security issues, we recommend the advice found at as it has excellent information for all of us.

Metzco Rope Ladder Manufacturer Spec Sheet

Specifications Sheet

Every Metzco Rope Ladder comes with a Specifications Sheet. This provides our customers with detailed information on the supplies we use to manufacture our superior Rope Ladders and an in-depth breakdown of the Metzco Rope Ladder itself.

We refer to our 18/5 OSHACT D.M.R. 18 certificate (which we update every year) and a few mounting options in the Specifications Sheet for our customers convenience.

Metzco Rope Ladder Manufacturer